Acting Against Violence

Chandré Gould

Dr Chandré Gould is a senior researcher in the Governance Crime and Justice Division of the Institute for Security Studies and editor of the journal South African Crime Quarterly. Much of her work focuses on crime and violence prevention. She is collaborating with Dr Cathy Ward (University of Cape Town) to undertake a baseline survey of parenting and child behaviour in Touwsranten in the Western Cape, in preparation for an intervention to support and promote positive parenting.

This twenty minute presentation will describe the Seven Passes Initiative, an initiative in a rural area in the Western Cape to build children’s connectedness to school in order to reduce violence. It will describe the homework support programme that has been running for the past five years, and the outcomes of thereof. The presentation will argue that it is essential to address violence in the home and the community if we wish to reduce school-based violence.  To this end, the presentation will describe a new project to determine whether a focused, multi-faceted intervention can positively change parenting practices in an entire population. The project will achieve this through a variety of activities:

  • Developing and delivering an evidence-based mass media campaign to reinforce positive parenting messages
  • Delivering evidence-based positive parenting workshops and programmes
  • Assessing the impact of each of the elements of the intervention both individually, and holistically over time
  • Developing a model for taking this project to scale, that is, rolling it out more widely in other communities in South Africa.

The overall intention of the project is to inform policy making about the prevention of violence and aggression, and the promotion of positive child outcomes, through a wide-reach, relatively low cost positive parenting intervention package.