Seminar Papers

Young Leaders for Nonviolence – “Statement by Research Participants”
December 2010
ICON’s focus on schools is moving to an approach of leadership development. The first phase of this work began with a research project in December 2010, when a group of student leaders from schools met to reflect on their experience of violence, and their responses to violence. Download.

Crispin Hemson and Penny Singh – Shadows of transformation
Shadows of transformation: Inclusion and exclusion of academic staff at a university of technology. Download.

Prof. Moolakkattu – Challenges of Nonviolent Action
n a society where some form of violence is typical of most action for change, not enough attention is given to the possibilities that nonviolent action offers. An ICON seminar by Professor John Moolakkattu, Gandhi-Luthuli Chair of Peace Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, on 13th October, posed challenging questions about such possibilities.  Download.

Prof. Crain Soudien – Incidents of racism at South African university campuses
Prof. Crain Soudien, chairperson of the Ministerial Committee on Transformation and Social Cohesion and the Elimination of Discrimination in Public Higher Education Institutions. Incidents of racism at South African university campuses – most notoriously the video at the University of the Free State – led to the appointment of a Ministerial Committee in 2008. This held hearings at campuses around the country. The Report sets out disquieting evidence about the depth of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination on campuses. It also identified some positive developments on some of the campuses. Professor Soudien will speak about the Report and identify some implications for higher education. Download presentation. Download Ministerial Report.

Professor Ira Horowitz
July 2009
Ira Horowitz, who works with men in prisons in Florida, USA, gave an ICON seminar in July. He spoke in depth on his work both in South Africa and the USA. This work involved men in reflecting on how they had been brought up, and on the messages that had been communicated to them about their place in society. Download.

Professor Catherine Odora-Hoppers
When Democracy is not Enough: Educating for a Culture of Peace and Human Development Seminar presentation given at the International Centre of Non Violence- ICON Durban University of Technology- Durban 09th March 2009. Download ICON-SPEECH-BY-PROF-HOPPERS

Professor Geoff Harris
Studying conflict, violence and peace in African universities. Download Studying_conflict_violence_peaceOct2008.

Dr Christoph Baumann
Bringing Peace to the Curriculum. Download Baumann-9th-June-2009.