Taking the lead on sexual violence: GASVA speak at Diakonia

Members of the DUT group, Girls Against Sexual Violence and Abuse, spoke on their work at a meeting of the Indlebe group at Diakonia on 16th February. They spoke about the patterns of violence on campuses and how they are reaching women and men on these issues. The work of GASVA is linked to the Masters study of Ms Nokuthula Magudulela, who was with GASVA at the Diakonia meeting. The Indlebe group was interested to know how the organisation of young people can bring positive social change in the area of gender relations.

Two of the GASVA delegation, Wandiswa Dlamini and Nandi Hlengwa

Innovative Leadership Programe expands at DUT

An annual programme, Innovative Leadership, has become increasingly popular as an avenue for young leaders. This is open to all students at Durban University of Technology, but also to other local activists.
The Programme in particular fosters leadership as a nonviolent activity, leadership that is understood as a service to people instead of domination over people. Apart from attendance at monthly sessions at which members interact with leaders of this calibre, each participant is part of a project group that tackles a specific issue – work with the homeless, gender-based violence, dialogue, water and the environment, promoting the South African Constitution, school counselling, and HIV/AIDS support.

Members meet at the initial year’s session on 10th February 2017

This provides a rare opportunity for young leaders to develop in conditions of support

Peacebuilding Programme reaches new heights

An intake of over 25 new students onto the doctoral cohort of the Peacebuilding Programme has swelled the total number of doctoral students to over 60. This large group comes from many different parts of Africa. It is anticipated that at least eight doctorates will be bestowed this year on members of the cohort. This is the largest doctoral programme

New members of the doctoral group in the Peacebuilding Programme on a visit to Phoenix Settlement, former home of Mahatma Gandhi. On the right is Dr Sylvia Kaye, and left back is Professor Geoff Harris.

at Durban University of Technology.