ICON’s role in the Cornerstone module

The International Centre of Nonviolence has contributed significantly to the development of a module that is compulsory in all new DUT programmes, the Cornerstone module. In 2017 over 4 000 students took the module. It includes a strong focus on students’ personal and family histories, often in contexts of violence, and on related issues of gender, and draws on pedagogies that are transformative and promote nonviolence.
In 2015 the Director, Crispin Hemson, tutored a group of students who were in the Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics Programme. This meant that he was teaching students who would become professionals in an area relevant to himself, as he has used orthopaedic shoes his whole life.

Students from the 2015 Cornerstone class

On a visit to the Wentworth Orthopaedic Workshop in August 2017, Crispin was able to meet some of his former students. “It was great to see our former students in a professional context, carrying out their service to the community,” he said.

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