Innovative workshop on peace activism

Most gatherings of peace activists are inspired by great speakers; this was not the format ICON chose to celebrate Peace Month in 2017. Instead, a diverse gathering of those working in such sectors as disability, youth, environmental justice, gender, racism, poverty and came together.
Work was done mainly in sector groups; after identifying who was present and what they are doing in that area, there was a focus on successes and challenges.

In the foreground, a group focuses on gender activism

The aim was to build collaboration and understanding across difference. This meant a lot of translation from English to isiZulu and back. One of the issues that was addressed was the gaps in experience between young and old.
This is a prelude to an ongoing series of events under the title of Peace Education Forum.

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Great new videos on peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo

September is Peace Month, and this year ICON focuses on peacebuilding in the eastern DR Congo. ICON supports directly an annual Peacebuilding Conference, which was held on 11-12 September 2017.
This arises from ICON’s close association with the Sub-Saharan Africa University (SSAU) which was established in Goma in 2014 by Dr Joseph Rudigi, who is its current vice rector. Given its location in a highly volatile region, and in keeping with its commitment to peacebuilding, SSAU organises an annual Peacebuilding Conference.
Six of the video presentations presented at the 2017 conference (September 11-12) are here available. These were produced at Durban University of Technology by CONNECTWORLD TELEVISION, who were highly professional and remarkably generous with their time and expertise. Each video, except for the one by Professor Geoff Harris, is in French.
Professor Geoffrey Harris of the Peacebuilding Programme at the International Centre of Nonviolence at Durban University of Technology, provides a welcome and introduction to the videos.
Dr Diaku Dianzenza on training young men to be responsible, loving and nonviolent fathers.
Dr Maroyi Mulumeoderhwa on relationships between young men and young women in North Kivu.
Dr Josephine Mauwa speaks on dealing with the community impacts of rape.
Dr Beatrice Umubyeyi on nonviolent ways of bringing up children.
Mr Theophile Mukambilwa on trauma healing, as practised by the Healing of Memories organisation.

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