Caring enough to act

Dr Busangokwakhe Dlamini

Institution: Siyakhana – Ecumenical Community of the Paraclete

Caring enough to Act

Argued in this paper is that there is an abundance of strategies that could be implemented to combat and curb violence in educational institutions. Those include, AVP, Consciousness Raising, Educate for Democracy, Education in the values of Ubuntu, Education in Spiritualty, Peace Clubs, cherishing the values of good neighbourliness, and bridging the divides. Contended in the paper, therefore, is the notion that there is inertia and/or lack of vision towards building a culture of nonviolence in schools and higher institutions of learning. Intended by this paper is thus the generating of dialogue on the role of educational institutions in combating violence and how space could be created to allow strategies for acting against violence in the curriculum.