For an account of research projects currently being pursued within the Peacebuilding Programme, see the relevant section

ICON is part of a partnership with the University of KwaZulu-Natal, McGill University, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Agenda, entitled Networks of Change and Wellbeing.  This focuses on the development of girls’ and young women’s leadership in the area of sexual violence.  A group of young women at DUT are currently developing a project in this area.

ICON and staff of Student Governance and the HIV Counselling Centre are conducting a Safe Campuses project, using visual methodologies, that aims both to understand how spaces at and around DUT are safe or unsafe to specific student groups, and to foster transformation towards greater safety and inclusion.

ICON is developing a proposal for how migrancy and young migrants are handled within school education in South Africa, in collaboration with other interested parties in South Africa and beyond.