Norman Chivasa is a Post-Doctoral Fellow with ICON. His doctoral research involved establishing and supporting local peace committees in rural Zimbabwe. Recent publications include ‘Kuripa Ngozi as a conflict resolution model in Shona communities of Zimbabwe: a conceptual analysis’, Critical African Studies (2019) and ‘Enhancing social interventions by informal peace committees in Zimbabwe: a developmental social work perspective’, Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk, 55(2), 2019.

Vijay Hamlall is an Honorary Research Associate with ICON. His research interest and study has focussed on the phenomenon of violence, especially around issues of identity and behaviour. He has presented lectures and seminars on violent behaviour at the University of Pune in India and at Linkoping University in Sweden. Recent publications include Heterosexual relationships among young black men in the construction of masculinity at a South African university. Social Dynamics, 44(2), 2018.  

Mediel Hove is an Honorary Research Associate with ICON and an Associate Professor in the History Department at the University of Zimbabwe, with particular experience in peacebuilding, nonviolence, human and state security and strategic studies. Recent publications include ‘National instability as a threat to Africa’s vision to transform borders from barriers into bridges of development’, Migration and Development, 7(2), 2018 and ‘When a political party turns against its cadres: ZANU PF factional infightings, 2004-2017’, African Security, 12(2), 2019.

Chrys Kiyala is an Honorary Research Associate with ICON. He has researched the reintegration of former child soldiers in DR Congo back into their communities, the findings of which have been reported in a number of articles and a major book titled Child soldiers and restorative justice. Participatory action research in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, published by Springer (2018). His current research interests include increasing the effectiveness of civil society organizations in DR Congo and reducing inter-personal violence on South African university campuses.

Tlohang Letsie is an Honorary Research Associate with ICON and senior lecturer in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the National University of Lesotho. He has carried out research on elections, election violence and demilitarization, with particular reference to Lesotho. Recent publications include ‘The case for demilitarising Lesotho’, African Security Review, 27(3-4), 2019 and ‘Demilitarising a small African country: rationale, necessary conditions and financing’, Economics of Peace & Security Journal, 14(1), 2019.

Cyprian Muchemwa is an Honorary Research Associate with ICON and Head of the Department of Peace & Governance at Bindura University of Science Education in Zimbabwe. His research interests include the challenges posed by the youth bulge in sub-Saharan Africa. Recent publications include ‘Mozambique’s post-war success story: is it time to revisit the narrative?’ Democracy & Security, 15(1), 2018.