Crispin Hemson


Crispin Hemson, ICON Director, was formerly Head of the School of Education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  His research interests are primarily in the area of pedagogies that promote nonviolence; he has been central to developing a compulsory course for all 1st year students at Durban University of Technology.  He is a peace and environmental activist, and heads the Friends of Pigeon Valley, a nature reserve in Glenwood, Durban.

Geoff Harris

Geoff Harris is head of the Peacebuilding Programme at ICON. An economist by training, he has researched issues of military expenditure in developing countries and recovery from armed conflict for many years. His current research interests include the effects of economic inequality on inter-personal violence, restorative justice and demilitarisation. He is chair of the Board of Phoenix Zululand, which operates restorative justice programmes in the Zululand prisons  and of the trustees of the Alternatives to Violence (KZN) network. Recent publications include editing, with Mediel Hove, Building infrastructures for peace in sub-Saharan Africa (Springer Nature, 2019)

Sylvia Kaye

Sylvia Kaye

Sylvia Kaye is deputy head of the Peacebuilding Programme. Her PhD was a study of women entrepreneurs in Botswana and enterprise sustainability.  Her current research interests are on the importance of equity in all aspects of human society, particularly with respect to the role of women in peacebuilding initiatives. She is a member of the Association for Baha’i Studies, an association dedicated to the study of peaceful solutions to societal problems.

Simone Plug

Simóne is lecturer at ICON and a PhD fellow in Media Studies at the University currently known as Rhodes. She has a background in critical psychology, completing her Masters by full research dissertation in the former Psychology and Society Masters Programme at UKZN. Her research interests include gender, identity, and consumer culture, violence, trauma and neglect, and transformative pedagogies. Her research specifically involves critical theorisation by locating social issues within discursive constructions, and aims to defamiliarise common sense ideas in order to promote consciousness raising and provide the space for negotiation of less oppressive and destructive identities and social practices.

Prashna is the administrator at ICON.