On 2nd June 2018 the team took off to Lindelani Peace Forest with Coral Vinsen, who had previously taught the team how to produce the compost and how to actually grow plants effectively. On this day we took her to Lindelani to pass the knowledge to them as well. She taught the community members, including in our midst the community councillor, Mr Gumede, who granted us a blessing and encouraged the team to continue doing the good work in his ward.

We met also with other community leaders including religious leaders and school teachers. They shared each of them what they thought of peace and how they viewed it. One of the major issues of peace that were discussed in this day was the fact that key contributors to the violence and instability amongst children originate in the home. It was concluded that peace has to start at home so that it is imparted to the young ones to be displayed in communities.

Many people in the Lindelani community believe in solving issues through violence, but the major question which we were left with is how do we change that? The Peace Forest is one way to try solve the problem through changing mentalities, one mind at a time.

Coral Vinsen directing the councillor, students and members of the community