Peacebuilding Programme 2021 information

Thank you for your interest in studying with us in 2021. 

In the context of the virus, the future cannot be predicted with any certainty and we are not able to make final decisions about next year, except to say that there will only be a few places available. 

To start the process, we are asking that you complete the questionnaire attached and return it to and We have also a list of topics which ICON staff would be particularly interested to supervise although you are not restricted to these.

We will get back to you by Friday 7 August with more details. 

For further information on the Peacebuilding Programme, we suggest you refer to the ICON website that will provide information about the programme. 

Kindly note that we are only considering applicants with 70% or above in their previous degree. In addition, we are considering only those residing in Africa.