Postgraduate studies in peacebuilding

For the past six years, the Peacebuilding Programme within ICON has accepted a large number of new PhD (and some master’s students) each year. Our intention is to take only a small number of new students in 2020.

The following selection criteria will apply. Please do not apply if you do not meet these:

  • A very strong record in your previous university studies. This means a minimum of a 70% average in your BTech/Honours/PGDip (if applying for entry to a master’s degree) or master’s degree (if applying for entry to a PhD)
  • A willingness to undertake action research on one of the following topics (if you are not sure what action research is, see
    • Tackling gender based violence on university campuses
    • Restorative justice programmes with prisoners/ex-prisoners and their families
    • Training young men in responsible, loving and nonviolent fathering
  • Able to study full-time i.e. if employed, then for less than 12 hours per week
  • Able to spend a minimum of two months full-time on campus at the start of your studies.

Note that full-time students are not required to pay tuition fees and may be eligible for a DUT scholarship. On scholarships, contact

Closing date for applications: July 31, 2019. Students interested in studying with us in 2021 are invited to write to us in May/June, 2020.

Enquiries: Professor Geoff Harris tel +2731 373 5609 or Dr Sylvia Kaye tel +2731 373 6860