Presentations at the conference: Strategies for nonviolence in education

Access here those presentations given at the conference that have been supplied to the organisers.

Ms Joan Alty: Peace Clubs

Ms J Button, Ms P Mookoane, Ms T Tyuku: Soul Buddyz Club helps make children safe
Soul City

Mr Kudakwashe Chirambwi: From a culture of violent demonstrations to a culture of peaceful engagement

Dr Anthony Collins: Understanding gender-based violence at universities
Collins 1

Dr Anthony Collins: Acting against gender-based violence at universities
Collins 2

Prof Sinegugu Duma: Acting against sexual violence in the university residences

Ms Hailey Fudu: Child-Led Abuse Prevention: Workshop

Ms Sarah Gordon: “It’s just not going to happen to me”: Addressing fear and gender-based violence among female residence students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal

Dr Chandre Gould: Building youth resilience to crime and violence: a case study from the southern Cape

Prof Geoff Harris: Violence or nonviolence? A comparison of costs and effectiveness

Mr Crispin Hemson: Persistence of violence and implications for change

Ms Charmaine January: Two-fold moral purpose: the principles of Baha’i curriculum development which aims to foster peaceful communities

Mr Stanford Jarvis: The effect of affirmative exercises on teachers and students participating in Alternatives to Violence (AVP) in Cape Town

Prof O Kaya and Ms K Padayachee: Building a culture of non-violence in early childhood development through indigenous knowledge systems
Kaya and Padayachee

Dr Sylvia Kaye: Eliminating violence: rethinking the root causesKaye

Ms Molly Kemp: Role of school social workers with regard to violence
Kemp presentation

Mr Jean Kiyala Kimbuku: Tackling violence in educational environment in South Africa using restorative justice approaches

Prof Shena Lamb-du Plessis: Normalised violence: Narratives of SA Youth

Dr Shermaine Mannah: Department of Basic Education response to school violence
Mannah presentation

Dr Pholoho Morojele: The gendered nature of violence: implications for sustainable schooling

Dr Thabo Msibi: Homophobic violence in South African schools: Beyond heteronormative discourses of violence

Prof Kriben Pillay: The act of looking that dissolves the context of fear and violence
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