The power of nonviolence and peaceful schools

Some of those who came to listen to Dieter Lunse

Some of those who came to listen to Dieter Luense

Dieter Luense is Leader of the Institute of Conflict Management and Mediation, in Hamburg, Germany. He has had a background in nonviolent action, over some decades. He founded the Institute 15 years ago, and set up a programme for nonviolence, civil courage, mediation and violence prevention in Hamburg.

Dieter spoke at an ICON seminar on 24th January 2013, taking examples from Liberia and from the upheaval in the GDR in the late 1980s. Much of his presentation concerned how activists can intervene in even a small way to change the dynamics within a situation. He championed ‘civil courage’, the steadfast resistance to evil.

Schools and other institutions can become places where people choose to recognise things that are wrong and to find creative ways of challenging them. Dieter’s message was one of hope and confidence.

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