Visiting Fulbright specialists invigorates Leadership Programme

Professor Joanne Ciulla, Professor of Leadership Ethics and Research Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers University, New York, recently visited ICON as a Fulbright specialist in the area of leadership ethics. The reason for the visit was to provide the benefit of her expertise and considerable experience to the Innovative Leadership Programme, which has 45 students from different faculties and levels of DUT.

Joanne Ciulla was previously with the Jepson School of Leadership Studies (University of Richmond) and is a distinguished scholar in the area of leadership, with many publications and awards to her name.

Presenting to the Leadership class her research on Mandela as a leader.

While at DUT Professor Ciulla gave a public lecture and a research seminar. She also interacted with committee members of the Leadership Programme, and finally spent a morning with the class of the Leadership Programme. She brought both a considerable depth of knowledge and a very accessible manner to the interaction with students and staff.

Some of those who attended the research seminar on leadership

At present ICON, with its partners, staff from other faculties and departments at DUT, and ACCORD, needs to decide how best to take the Leadership Programme ahead. We have at present a nonformal programme, but also a formal module at first year level. The two are rather similar, though the nonformal programme relies more on outside visitors.

Professor Ciulla, Crispin Hemson and Jairam Reddy with some of the students on the Programme